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Dayspring Refugee Housing Project

Dayspring Fellowship is a small non-denominational congregation in south East Manitoba. We have grown from a beginning of Bible studies and prayer meetings approximately forty years ago to a group of around one hundred people. Because so many of us come from a background in which we experienced the problems of loneliness and sorrow, and at times, hopelessness, we can understand many of the pains and sorrows which accompany life. This gives us a desire to meet the needs of those around us who face extreme hardship. There are many different areas in which we could express this compassion but the greatest need we see at the moment is the plight of the refugees in the world who have fled their homes and lands because of the threat of death from war and terrorism.
As a congregation we have been blessed in that we have a piece of property where our church building sits which is, for the most part, unused. Rather than see this land empty while it could be a resource to bring help to those most needy, we have begun to develop a refugee settlement project which would house refugees as they begin to re-establish themselves in Canada. This project comes with a vast opportunity for personal and community involvement as the needs are many and multi-faceted.
As we develop the project further we look forward to seeing many lives touched with the joy of receiving as well as giving a blessing.
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